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The association urges the inclusion of sign language in the teaching program of Nogeria

1 The Association of Sign Language Interpreters of Nigeria (ASLIN) called for the adoption of sign language as part of the languages ​​to be incorporated into the country’s curriculum.

2 The Kwara President of the chapter of the association, Mr. Ibrahim Owlabimade the call Friday in Ilorin while marking the International Day of Sign Language 2022.
“It is a joyful moment to join International Colleagues and the deaf community on this special day of sign language.

naija newspapers today

3 “Sign language is not only for the deaf community but for everyone because it is an internationally recognized language.

naija newspapers today

4 “It is worrying that in some societies there is a feeling of indifference to the welfare of the deaf, forgetting that there is an Ability in Disability.

5 “In the deaf community we have doctors, lawyers, PhDs, scientists, teachers, business people, communicators, interpreters, linguists, the list goes on,” Owolabi said.

6 He said the biggest mistake a society can make is to label these “learned gurus as handicapped.”

seven “It should be noted that sign language has its own semantic, syntactic and morphological structure, it also has all derived or root words or word formation.

8 It is a language officially adopted and developed by the deaf community,” he said.

9 Owolabi said the day is a day to show the world that the use of sign language is not limited to the deaf community, but to all in all places man uses; whether in library, hospitals, police station, courtrooms, university, media stations or shopping malls.

ten He therefore warned against stereotyping the deaf community, saying that “we are not second-class citizens of any nation, we demand attention, love, care and officially adopt the language signs within the framework of the languages ​​to be integrated into the teaching program in Nigeria.

11 “This will enable the growth of sign language in Nigeria and its adoption by the general population.

He then appealed to parents who may have a deaf child at home not to have such a special child kept at home, saying that deafness is not a disease and not even contagious, but rather a challenge that can be overcome.

13 While enjoying the Federal government for enacting the Disability Bill, however, the group implored the government to speed up implementation at all levels.

14 The association also appreciated the government of Kwara for employing more competent teachers in the public school for special needs (KSSN).

15 ASLIN has also asked for government assistance in bringing more interpreters to media houses and medical centers, as members visit these places frequently.

News Agency of Nigeria reports that every September 23 of the year is a day set aside to celebrate International Sign Language Day.

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